Who We Are

If you own a private airstrip in Virginia, hanger at or utilize these valuable resources, or support the concept of private airstrips, you should be part of the Virginia Airstrip Owners Association (VAOA).  There are currently 209 registered private airstrips in Virginia.  Many more are unregistered.  We are all about promoting private and general aviation’s advancement through support, information, education, and service to our members’ airstrips and those who use them.

Check out the results of our 2014-15 Member Survey.

Virginia Airstrip Owners Association is a 501(c)(6) nonstock corporation chartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We offer membership to private airport/airstrip owners, plus ALL other aviation enthusiasts supporting these strips and general aviation.  We maintain a membership database of all private airstrip owners and interested parties. In that we are growing and building our organization, we currently offer FREE membership.  If you are not already part of the membership and wish to be, please send in a completed application (below) to membership@vaoa.us

VAOA Member Application