Originally Virginia Airport Owners Association, our name was changed to Virginia Airstrip Owners Association as of May 24, 2012.  This was designed, in part, to avoid being mistaken for focusing on public use airports.

About our Organization

A group of aviation enthusiasts and private airport owners in the Commonwealth of Virginia have formed the first association in the United States with the vision to become the recognized voice for all issues concerning privately owned airports within the state.  Our membership is made up of airstrip owners and those who house their aircraft at and/or use those strips.

Commended by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) for our efforts to foster continued growth and development of general aviation in Virginia, we provide networking, communication, information, for airstrip owners and aviation enthusiasts throughout the state.

Specific elements that we offer and/or participate in, include:

Group liability insurance for private airstrips
Convenient access to private airstrips for emergency first responders
Security training
Regional ambassadors supporting private airstrips
Recreational aviation opportunities in Virginia

Purpose and Mission

To Provide Networking And Communication Opportunities For Private Airstrip Owners And Those Who Use And Support Those Airstrips Throughout Virginia

Our Vision

To Become The Recognized Voice For All Issues Concerning Privately Owned Airstrips Within Virginia