Emergency Access & the Virginia Volunteer Pilot Group

Our local airports can provide convenient and important access to first responders in case of emergencies.

VAOA is a member organization in the Virginia Volunteer Pilot Group (VVPG).  The purpose of VVPG is to provide the ability to use volunteer pilots/aircraft during an emergency.  It’s function is to provide volunteer pilot groups such as Angel Flight, Civil Air Patrol, Virginia Helicopter Association, Pilots and Paws, LightHawk and as many others as we can recruit, a way to assist the Commonwealth communities during times of emergency.

VAOA, through VVPG, partners with the Virginia Departments of Aviation and Emergency Management (VDEM).

VAOA maintains a list of members who have volunteered to make their airstrips available through VVPG  to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) if needed during times of emergency.

If you are interested in identifying your airstrip for use during emergency situations, please write info@vaoa.us.